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Team Alchemy

Kinetix Group, LLC


Team DNA

Important lessons learned. It is important to have a team that understands the impacts of their ideas and experience in how they will play out when implemented. A creative idea may sound great in the kaban creative session, but the impact when implemented could be costly, time consuming, or never really hit the target.

Experience and perspective play a huge roll in both creative and marketing strategy sessions.

Budget: We spend it like it is our own money. We are experienced in maximizing our clients budget, because we spend it like it was our own.

Follow tried and true methods. Use best practices. Understand manufacturing processes and Design for Manufacturability.


Offset Printing: text goes here.

Client type: Associations, small business, startups, home builders, healthcare, education, real estate, defense industry, electronics industry,

Startups: text about how we understand the challenges of startup companies. List a few of them. Lack of staff. So much to think about. Our team can perform so many of these rolls thereby saving time and money.

Entrepreneurship: We can change directions easily as your company morphs into its final form and grows

Small Business: Ongoing and growing. Understanding what you are going through by actually having been through it. Flexible.


Corporation: Understanding how to work with existing marketing teams and marketing plans. Implement within current plans.

Bottom line: On the creative side it is important to know how to cut through the first 100 ideas to quickly get to the effective solutions. There is so much to consider. The creative team needs to have been in the owners chair and been faced with the hiring and firing of employees.

Or spending their own money to execute a marketing solutions. It is amazing what you learn when you are spending your own money vs. someone elses .