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We understanding HOW to harness the creative mindset into strategies, creative, and marketing that cut through today’s message-crowded marketplace to evoke a desired customer response.


From humble beginnings as a “board monkey*” in a Washington, DC design firm to an accomplished strategic brand developer, Scott learned exactly how creative and marketing mix to produce client success. As an entrepreneur you learn quickly that bread on the table only comes with success. There is no better way to learn how to cut through the clutter of ineffectiveness then having your livelihood depend upon an “Eat What You Kill” environment. 

Scott has helped many business owners understand and improve the alignment of their creative and marketing efforts to gain better success.

Even the most creative graphic design can fall flat without a strong marketing strategy. conversely, even the strongest strategy can fall short with poor design. Both must work in harmony to be successful.

Among his many clients, Scott work was greatly impacted while working closely with Dr. Mikel Harry of the Six Sigma Management Institute (SSMI). He learned how to properly incorporate analytics for better graphic design and marketing. On the production side, Six Sigma DMAIC has had a great impact on Scott’s approach to design for manufacturability. An approach that can save time and money while making it easier to produce collateral material.

To this day, Kinetix Group follows the Design, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC) process for its clients design and marketing efforts.

Over the years, Scott has helped all sizes and types of companies from across the industry spectrum including start-ups, entrepreneurs, associations, defense, retail, educational, home builders, and fortune 500.

*Old school graphic designer manually performing graphic arts paste-up duties. NO COMPUTERS!

Kinetix Group has assembled an effective team of individuals and companies, each highly respected in their field, specifically to address the marketing needs companies face in today’s message-saturated landscape. Having worked with The Six Sigma Academy for many years in the past, we have learned the value of Lean Manufacturing 🙂 There is NO need for you to pay for our company overhead you never use.

Teams are assembled specifically to address your needs. Much like NASA assembling one team for launching a rocket to the moon and another team to launch a probe to Mars.

Whether you are in need of strategy, creative, collateral production, video capture, digital media or email campaign marketing we have the experts vetted and ready to rocket ride your marketing.

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Regarding commercial arts, creativity is costly, wasted, or useless without the bridle of strategy. [K.I.S.S. Method]

Creative without strategy is called art.